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Emergency Response by Shanthiham

மனந்தேறி மகிழ்ந்திருப்போம்

Annual General Meeting 2019

AGM 2019 and Newly Elected Management Council Members

Management Council 2019/2020

Management Council and Advisory Committee 2019/2020
No Name Position
1 Mr. D. Stephen Leonard President
2 Rev. Dr. Vincent Patrick Vice President
3 Ms. Vasuki Rajasingham President Elect
4 Mr. T. Anpaananthan Secretary
5 Mr. K. Gauthaman Vice Secretary
6 Mr. K. Sripathy Treasurer
7 Mr. S. Ravindran Member
8 Ms. J. Shiromi Leonard Member
9 Mr. S. Rasendran Member
10 Mr. S. Ravi Member
11 Ms. Tharshini Mahendran Member
12 Dr. K. Kajavinthan Member
13 Dr. S. Jeevasuthan Member
14 Prof. D. J. Somasundaram Chairman Advisory Committee
15 Dr. S. Sivayokan Advisory Committee
16 Rev. Fr. S. Damian Advisory Committee
17 Dr. C. S. Nachinarkinian Advisory Committee


AGM 2019


Capacity Building in the Mental Health Sector – Myth or Reality?

Like a parent leaving a child is how one senior mental health professional expressed his sadness of the end of VSO’s (Volunteers Overseas Services, Sri Lanka) Mental Health Programme in Sri Lanka. Today is 28 February 2013, and the room I am sitting in is full with mental health policymakers, professionals, service users, and us, a group of volunteers. We are at the impressive Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo to celebrate the work of VSO and their partners but the air is tinged with sadness. It is the end of an era. In fact, it is the end of VSO’s 15 years focus on the Sri Lankan mental health sector