Our Team

The integrated psychosocial interventions are carried out by the contribution of the following team for the people in need.

Founders & Advisory Board, Members & Management Council, Admin & Finance Team, Counsellors & Psychosocial Workers, Volunteers & Core Group Members, Trainers & Trainees, Donors & Well-Wishers, Community & Civil Society Organizations, State & Non-state Organizations.

Management Council and Advisory Board 2018/2019
No Name Position
1 Mr. S. Ravindran President
2 Ms. R. Vasuki Secretary
3 Mr. T. Anbananthan Treasurer
4 Mr. K. Arundhaharan Vice President
5 Dr. S. Jeevasuthan Vice Secretary
6 Mr. S. Leonard President Elect
7 Ms. L. Shiromi Council Member
8 Mr. K. Sripathy Council Member
9 Dr. K. Kajavinthan Council Member
10 Fr. Vincent Patrick Council Member
11 Dr. R. Rajeshkannan Council Member
12 Mr. S. Matheeswaran Council Member
13 Ms. N. Ransuthamalar Council Member
14 Prof. D. J. Somasundaram Chairman Advisory Board
15 Dr. S. Sivayokan Board Member
16 Rev. Fr. S. Damian Board Member
17 Dr. C. S. Natchinarkinian Board Member