Diploma in Counselling 2019/2020

சாந்திகம் உளவளத்துணை நிலையம் உளவளத்துணை டிப்ளோமா கற்கை நெறி – ஒரு வருடம் – 2019/2020 Diploma in Psychological Counselling – One Year விண்ணப்ப முடிவுத் திகதி: 26.06.2019 உளநலப்பணிகளுடன் பயிற்சிகளையும் வழங்குவதில் வட மாகாணத்தில் முதன்மை நிறுவனமாக விளங்கும் சாந்திகம் More »

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Posted by Shanthiham Ahc on Wednesday, May 29, 2019         ‘Reaching Reconciliation with Psychosocial Care’ workshop for Development Officers & Grama Niladhari in Tellipalai DS Division with the collaboration of More »

Essential WHO Manuals & Update

World Health Organization, War Trauma Foundation and World Vision International (2011). Psychological first aid: Guide for field workers. WHO: Geneva. World Health Organization. Problem Management Plus (PM+): Individual psychological help for adults impaired More »

World Mental Health Day 2018

Theme: Young people and mental health in a changing world More »

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World Mental Health Day 2019   Shanthiham is attending the National New Year Festival 2018 More »


Community Awarenss by Street Drama

Capacity Building in the Mental Health Sector – Myth or Reality?

Like a parent leaving a child is how one senior mental health professional expressed his sadness of the end of VSO’s (Volunteers Overseas Services, Sri Lanka) Mental Health Programme in Sri Lanka. Today is 28 February 2013, and the room I am sitting in is full with mental health policymakers, professionals, service users, and us, a group of volunteers. We are at the impressive Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo to celebrate the work of VSO and their partners but the air is tinged with sadness. It is the end of an era. In fact, it is the end of VSO’s 15 years focus on the Sri Lankan mental health sector